Axe of the Black Labyrinth

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The Axe of the Black Labyrinth is the Hero's melee weapon. When swung at a nearby enemy, the Axe will pull the enemy to the Hero almost instantaneously. The Soul Power effect of the weapon will spin the Axe, acting almost like a chainsaw.

Standard Attack[edit | edit source]

The standard attack of the Axe will swing once in front of the Hero. If the attack key is held down, the Axe will continue to swing until the key is released. Aiming at an enemy nearby will cause that enemy to be pulled to melee range, but will not cancel any actions the enemy would be undertaking.

Soul Power[edit | edit source]

The Soul Power of the Axe will spin the axe like a propeller, constantly damaging an enemy until the Hero runs out of Soul. The Hero can also use this power to propel themselves through water. This mode will not pull enemies to the Hero.